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From Farm To Bottle

This is an exciting time for BC brewing and beer culture, where the demand for craft beer has grown to a point where the province can now sustainably grow ingredients that meet the requirements for our facilities. As a long time local and independent brewing company, we at Pacific Western Brewing wanted to jump on this opportunity immediately and represent something from the heart of BC. Our Cariboo Springs Lager not only supports the hard working local farmers and families that make our craft possible, but it also utilizes their craft.

Chilliwack Hop Farms
Nugget, Mount Hood and Cascade hops

100% B.C. Ingredients


Our beers get even more distinct depending on the bitterness added. With a North American classic lager in mind we wanted to create a leisurely and crisp beer; so we started minimal. Cariboo Springs Lager uses a blend of Nugget, Mount Hood and Cascade hops come from Chilliwack Hop Farms. A modest amount of each results in a light golden clear finish with a refreshingly clean taste.


The two row pale malt is produced by Gambrinus Malting in Armstrong. Two-row barley is the traditional ingredient preferred for both German-style lagers and English-style ales. Pacific Western believes in the tradition of great taste and the dedication that goes into maintaining it.


Beer begins with the trinity of water, hops and barley malt but it is the water that causes the magic. Water alchemy is paramount in brewing. Here in Prince George, Pacific Western beers are created using natural spring water from the second largest aquifer in North America — a unique, pure source that ensures the quality and sparkle of all our products.

Brewed with Pure Spring Water

Gambrinus Malting
two row pale malt

Brewmasters Special

Cariboo Springs is the first original recipe from our new brewmaster Henrik Braun. Who will be meticulously making adjustments until the classic tasting lager beer is perfected. We are an independently owned and operated brewery that is run by union workers and we consider Cariboo Springs Lager to be a testament to quality product that is community produced.

Premium Quality


Pacific Western has always represented the strong history of BC brewing around the world. Now, we are taking a stand with our agricultural neighbours.

Kazuko Komatsu, President & CEO

We took all the good that is going on in the BC restaurant industry right now with farm to table and applied it to beer, hence, farm to bottle.

Paul Mulgrew, Product Development Manager

Available Province Wide

Cariboo Springs Six Pack

6 pack bottles

at select liquor stores in BC.

Cariboo Springs On Tap

Get 'er on tap

at fine establishments soon.

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